Smart poultry automation

Chicken is one of the most popular foods in peoples household baskets, but recently we have been facing the high cost,shortage and low quality of chicken; such problems are the result of traditional and unscientific poultry breeding, which leads to low production at high cost. intelligent automation plays an important role inproper management along with  maximum efficiency of the poultry house. Samtec intelligent automation is designed and manufactured based on poultry breeding standards and creating unifrom and fluctuating environmental conditions. With precise controlof all poultry hall equipment in a completely intelligent and automatic way with the least energy consumption it is possible to achieve more production and quality products. Also, viewing the hall information remotely online (remote monitoring and control) and reviewing and monitoring the statistics and recorded information will be of great help in controlling the hall and will be the beacon of management in the leading conditions.

Intelligent poultry automation feature 


benefiting from PLC industrial part with longlife and resistance to environmental noise

Intelligent control

utilizing the latest knowledge in the world and the new generation of technology based on IOT and fuzzy-PID logic



ability to control and view statistics and information anywhere and anytime online (can be run on both android and ios systems)


Dedicated design

dedicated design based on the lacyion of equipment in each hall


Security guard system

full monitoring of hall conditions and critical events in order to prevent equipment damage

High compatibility

compatible with a variety of equipment, sensors and different conditions

Samtec intelligent automation software capabilities

Control software

intelligent ecosystem control (hall) and electrical equipment without any restrictions


ability to control and monitor all salon equipment using IOT technology

Data analysis

ability to record all hall events and the possibility of reviewing and analyzing them for the owner without any restrictiond

User-friendly software

designed based on the exact location of your salon equipment, its important feature is ease of work and ease of use suitable for any level of education

Comprehensive poultry information system software

once samtec smart automation is assambeled, each of them can be placed in a network and more detailed information can be obtained by combining their indiviual information

Samtec intelligent automation hardware capabilities

Intelligent control using PLC
English touch screen
Hardware protection modules
communication and telecommunication module
Industrial sonsors with high accurancy and longevity

Samatec intelligent control management

Hall ventilation control system

intelligently adjust different ventilation patterns according to herd age and weight without using default tables

Hall air pressure control system

use of outlet fans and inlet valves to keep the negative pressure and velocity of the air entering the hall constant

Heating and cooling control system

providing uniform temperature conditions and reaching the point of thermal comfort in the whole hall

Hall humidity control system

adjusting the humidity level by controlling the room spray and adjusting its effect on the rrom temperature

Donation control system

establish a regular feed distribution schedule as well as establish nutritional restrictions in the hall

Monitoring system

ability to control and view statistics and information anywhere and anytime online (can be run on both android and ios system)


Lighting control system

adjust the light needed to breed poultry and create artificial sunrise and sunset

Security guard system

crisis management by fully monitoring the condition of the entire hall

Weight control system

use digital scales to obtain the average herd weight

Alert system

if the problems are out of the task or the power of device, this system will inform the problem with various tools


The distinguishing feature of samtec

  1. Custom design tailored to customer needs
  2. User-friendly software for all people with any level of education
  3. Utilizing the new generation of technology based on IOT anf fuzzy-PID logic
  4. Compliance with international industry standards in design and production
  5. Use of PLC industrial part with long life
  6. Advanced software features such as monitoring, security and analysis

Benefiting of using samtec

  1. Precise adjusment of ventilation, temperature, humidity, light and other environmental parameters
  2. Reduction of deaths, diseases and drug use
  3. Smart solution in case of crisis and prevention of equipment failure
  4. Record statistics and information and analyze them
  5. Access, control and monitor the hall from anyplace and at anytime
  6. Prevent the exercise of the workers personal taste
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