Samtec story

Mehr Saman Gostar knowledge base company with Samtec brand, has started its activity in 2007 in the field of smartening the greenhouse and poultry industry. From then until today, Samtec industrial group has been able to provide new services, including climate control of the above industries intelligently, to ensure the welfare of owners of poultry, greenhouse and other industries. Samtec industrial group, with the aim of continuous growth in order to improve the level of technology and improve production, has taken effective steps and with the benefit of a team consisting of experts and skilled to date has succeeded in equipping and smartening more than 900 production halls imcluding poultry, greenhouse(cultivation types), mushroom farms, aquaculture and livestock and poultry feed factories.


Samtec industrial group, in 1403, due to the adoption of the strategy of integration and the establishment of quality systems and efficient management, will be considered as the largest and most succesful privet sector in the intelligent automation industry in Iran and neighboring countries; and with continuous growth, it will increase the satisfaction and yrust of its benefactors and will be a supporting and effective factor in reducing costs and increasing the quality of products of users of greenhouse, poultry and other similar production industries.


Samtec industrial group, with the support of a group of experts and relying on the latest knowledge in the world by carrying out world-class infrastructure projects, is considered as the largest manufacturer of industrial automation in Iran; and by using its valuable knowledge and experience in scoring and quality implementation of projects in the shortest time, with the cooperation of an exprienced team in the service of optimizing production in the greenhouse, poultry and other production industries to take effective steps. 

Samtec goals

Estimating the need of society to reduce production costs and prevent the waste of national resources


Meet the needs of greenhouse and poultry owners to increase productivity

Achieving the first rank of domestic market share in the production of intelligent automation

Establishment of production and industrial units in order to develop the domestic market

Increase and maintain competitiveness to attract the largest share of domestic and foreign markets

Customization of intelligent industrial automation in accordance with the needs of the greenhouse and poultry industries


Paying attention to competent, creative and innovative forces as valuable resources of samtec collection

Satisfy customers and create loyal customers

Introducing members

Senior Managers

DR.Mohamad Golmohamadi
chairman of the board

Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company – Born in 1332 and holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine, one of the founders of Jihad Keshavarzi and the founder of the private veterinary sector – Member of the veterinary system and the initial board of Fars – Member of the Fars Chamber of Commerce –

Engineer Maryam Golmohamadi
vice chairman of the board

Shareholder and Vice Chairman of the Board – Born in 1979 – Computer Engineer

DR.Shahram Haghighi

Shareholder and Managing Director – Born in 1981 and holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine – Member of Fars Chamber of Commerce – Member of the Board of Directors of Hafez Salamat Veterinarians Holding – Has a dissertation on the effect of automation on meat poultry farms

DR.Reza Haghighi

founder and executive management

Founder of the company and shareholder – Chief Executive Officer of the company – Born in 1974 – Computer Software Engineering – Microsoft MCSD – DBA Doctor of Management – Member of the executive team of design and implementation of fuel smart card system (1376 – 1382) – Informatics Deputy of Saba Private Bank – Execution Industrial Automation Projects – Teacher of Agricultural Jihad in teaching environmental factors management

Middle managers

Engineer Rasoul Shahriari
technical manager

Bachelor of Electrical and Power

Dr. Neda Dastranj
commercial manager

PhD in Management and Transformation

Engineer Shima Haghighi
board inspector,financial and adminis

IT expert

Samtec Group Validation

25 years of experience in the field of design and production of industrial automation


Acquiring the second rank of knowledge-based among knowledge-based companies


Member of Iranian Greenhouse Makers Association

Member of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund of the Presidential Institution

Registration of Samtec products in Jihad Keshavarzi mechanization system and granting facilities to buyers

Shareholder and member of the National Fund for Supporting the Development of Research and Technology in the Agricultural Sector of Iran

Memorandum of Understanding with the Research Center of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture

Memorandum of Understanding with Agricultural Science and Technology Park-Imam Khomeini Center-Karaj

Memorandum of Understanding with Shiraz University

Memorandum of Understanding with the South Kerman Chamber of Commerce

Holds various representations throughout the country

Successful implementation of Samtech intelligent automation in more than 800 projects with different climatic conditions across the country

Instructor of Jihad Keshavarzi in the field of management of environmental factors and climate of breeding halls

Dr. Shahram Haghighi’s Veterinary Thesis on the Impact of Samtech Intelligent Automation on the Quality of Poultry Breeding

Organizing more than 40 training seminars in order to train experts and users

Cooperation with Jihad Agriculture Organization and Veterinary Administration regarding auditing and standardization of agricultural halls

Implementation of mobilization plan (gratuitous financial aid) by Jihad Keshavarzi Organization to the buyers of Samtek intelligent automations

11 years of continuous and dynamic presence in all exhibitions of livestock and poultry, agriculture and aquaculture

Organizing more than 40 training seminars in order to train experts and users

Membership in the Iranian Greenhouse Makers Association

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