Intelligent greenhouse automation

The greenhouse environment is a dynamic and complex environment in which many factors are effective in creating a stable environment. High production costs, labor unavailibity and market needs have made intelligent automation a special place. Samtec industrial group, by using the new generation of technology based on IOT and Fuzzy-PID logic and designing unique algorithms, increase product quality and quantity, better coordination and performance of equipment, and thus improves suitable enviromental conditions for cultivation and reduces fuel consumption and equipment depreciation. It is accompanied by a reduction of human errors in the hall. Samtec intelligent automation, by controlling and processing enviromental parameters and equipment of the hall, can peovide stable enviromental conditions with the least amount of fluctuations the hall. Also,viewing the hall information online remotly and reviewing and mobitoring the recorded statistics,  helps alot in controlling the hall and managing the critical situation.

Intelligent greenhouse automation feature


benefit from PLC industrial part with long life and resistance to environment noise

intelligent control

utilizing the latest knowledge in the world and the new generation of technology based on IOT and Fuzzy-PID logic


ability to control and view statistics and information anywhere anytime online ( can be run on both android and IOS system)


Dedicated design

dedicated design based on the location of equipment in each hall


Security guard system

full monitoring of hall conditions and critical events in order to prevent equipment damage

High compatibility

compatible with a variety of equipment, sensors and different conditions

Samtec intelligent automation software capabilities

Control  software

intelligent control of the hall and electrical equipment without any restrictions


Monitoring software

The use of IOT technology allows monitoring and control of all hall equipment


Data analysis

It records all indoor events and allows the greenhouse owner to review them of different times



with multilingual capability and easy to use, it is implemented according to the shape and location of each hall

Samtec intelligent automation hardware capabilities

Intelligent control using PLC
Engilish touch screen
Hardware protection modules
Remote access and communication module
industrial sensors with high accuracy and longevity

Samatec intelligent control management

Climate management

provide a balanced and stress-free environment for the plant

Energy management

inventing an intelligent and new control system in controlling heating and cooling systems in ordeer to reduce energy consumption

Humidity management

intelligent multipoaition ventilation control to prevent various diseases

Ventilation management

intelligent ventilation control with 5 different modes

Quality management of products

anti-shock control in system in preventing gardual changes in ventilation and room temperature in order to achieve healthy and quality products

Manpower management

benefiting from monitoring, it minimizes the need for 24-hour specialist staff and commute to the salon


The distinguishing feature of samtec

  1. Dedicated design in order to meet customer needs
  2. User-friendly software for all people with any level of education
  3. Utilizing the new generation of technology based on IOT and fuzzy-PID logic
  4. Adoptation of industrial and international standards in design and production
  5. Use PLC industrial part with a lifespan of more than 15 years
  6. Advanced software features such as monitoring,security gaurd and analysis

Benefits of using samtec

  1. Precise adjusment of ventilation, temperature, humidity, light and othe environmental parameters
  2. Prevention of breakdown of salon equipment and the existance of smart solutions in times of crisis
  3. Start the planting period eralier and end it later
  4. Accurate recording of statistics and information and their analysis
  5. Access,control and monitor the hall from any place at any time 
  6. Controlling human activities and preventing the exercise of personal taste
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