"We believe in decision-making based on realistic analysis."


Before deciding to install automation in any hall, including greenhouses, poultry farming, aquaculture, etc., the current situation and the performance of all equipment must first be examined and the necessary measures taken to balance the environment. First of all, the current condition and performance of all equipment must be checked and the necessary measures taken to balance the environment. If any of the parameters related to the environment such as temperature, humidity and ventilation are not in equilibrium, you can identify defects in very simple ways. And fix them.

With the knowledge of this important issue, even if you do not have the required expertise, refer to the specialists of Mehr Saman Gostar Industrial Group and find efficient and appropriate solutions for your unique hall conditions and the amount of equipment available to find blind ventilation, temperature and humidity points. Get building defects and equipment. This provides the conditions for achieving the highest level of efficiency.


"Success is only possible with the help of creative and learning human capital."

Samtec Group, by launching a training unit and conducting research, it has taken an effective step towards providing superior quality services to meet the needs and desires of customers and increase market share. This goal is achieved by using a variety of technological and modern training for easy and fast customer communication. Efficiency of the education system requires planning, policy-making, organization, guidance and continuous evaluation. Doing so requires the use of data and educational information. Accordingly, it is essential to formulate and establish an educational system as the foundation of education and evaluation. This leads to continuous growth in educational activities, and the Samtec group has been able to play an important role in this regard.


"The customer is a member of the Mehr Saman Gostar family and we are committed to meeting all needs and continuous communication with customers to ensure the quality of the product and service."


Consulting services are in line with the mission and strategies of the Samtec Group.Our team fulfills its mission by consulting for free and providing unique programs in order to communicate closely with customers and implement customer-oriented policies whit helpe of experienced experts.Customers receive effective and profitable programs based on their type of business and market, which will make it easier and simpler for them to plan.