what is industrial automation?

Robotization or industrial automation means the use of advanced control tools to automatically steer and control machines,or the automatic operation of several devices with one goal in common to achieve greater productivity. At present, improving the quality of products in various industries and slightly increasing production is the main goal of each industrial unit, and industry managers are aware of this and have focused all their efforts to achieve this goal.The purpose of increasing the quality and quantity of a product is to use advanced and automatic machines. Machines that have most of their work steps done automatically and rely less on human factors. Also,Today,the purpose of using automation in the manufactoring sector has changed from reducing costs and increasing production to higher goals such as increasing the quality and flexibility of the system.




Samtec products

Intelligent greenhouse automation


The intelligent greenhouse automation system is designed with the aim of meeting all the needs of a greenhouse, including controlling all environmental parameters, protection, monitoring and storage of hall information.

Intelligent poultry automation


The intelligent poultry automation system plays an important role in providing a stable and uniform environmental conditions with the least amount of fluctuations during the breeding period.

Intelligent automation of other industries

intelligent automation system based on a new generation of technology has created huge changes in breeding industries such as mushroom, aquaculture, poultry as well as industrial factories.

Samtec smart automation feature


Use of industrial PLC part with long life and resistance to environmental noise

intelligent control

Utilizing the new generation of technology based on iot and fuzzy pid logic


Ability to control and view statistics and information remotely (can be run on both android and ios systems)

Dedicated design

Dedicated design based on the location of equipment in each hall

Security guard system

Using the security guard in order to prevent equipment damage

Adaptation to different conditions

Compatible with a variety of equipment, sensors and different conditions

Service and Support

design and production

After reciving detailed information and detailsof each salon, the best design team of samtec industrial  group will start designing and producing exclusive samtec intelligent automations.


Before deciding to assemble samtec industrial automation, first the existing situation in each hall and the performance of all equipment are checked and in order to creat balance and eliminate blind spots, the necessary measures are taken by the best experts.

Free consultation

Specialists of samtec industrial group, with the bemefit of the best experts in order to communicate more effectively with free consultation, is at your service.

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